Glass Mineral Fibre Ductwrap - Foil Faced

Glass Mineral Fibre Ductwrap - Foil Faced

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25mm Thickness:

Roll size: 19.2m2
Length: 16m

40mm Thickness:

Roll size: 14.4m2
Length: 12m

50mm Thickness:

Roll size: 10.8m2
Length: 9m

High Performance Duct Wrap is ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation of metal ducts at all levels inside a building. Whilst offering greater compressive strength, allowing subsequent covering, suitable for low level installation and outside applications.


  • High levels of thermal performance
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • Meets Def Stan 713 requirements for military vessels
  • Fully certified in accordance to the IMO MED Resolution
  • Outstanding weight savings of up to 40% compared to competitor products
  • Standard pin spacing applies
  • Easy to cut and flexible to bend
  • Durable with consistent density and thickness
  • Factory applied aluminium foil facing
  • Up to 75% more product from every roll
  • High quality mineral wool
  • Up to 86% recycled post – consumer glass


  • Achieve better thermal performance than traditional solutions with a thinner and lighter solution
  • 50% better sound absorption than typical competitor products
  • Suitable for military refurbishments and new builds
  • Helping to reduce the weight of any vessel offering long term ergonomic and economic advantages
  • Faster and easier to handle and install 
  • Traditional installation method
  • Fast installation. Can be easily fitted around bulkhead and deckhead stiffeners
  • No soft edges and excellent compression resistance, not easily damaged in storage, transportation or installation
  • Inherent vapour barrier
  • Long roll length and compression resultint in space savings in storage and transportation 
  • Is chemically inert - will not accelerate corrosion of steel, copper or aluminium 
  • Performance will not deteriorate over time - long product life, no ageing of product 
  • Compression resistance - product will not sag or consolidate over time in normal applications 
  • Excellent environmental credentials

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