Rock Mineral Fibre Pipe Section

Rock Mineral Fibre Pipe Section

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Length: 1 metre

Rocklap Pipe Sections are strong lengths of pre-formed insulation with a one-piece, factory applied foil facing with integral self-adhesive lap. Sections are snap fit and designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning pipe work operating in the temperature range 0°C to 700°C.

Rockwool Insulation products are free from CFCs HCFCs, HFCs and any gases that have Ozone Depletion Potential or Global Warming Potential.

Standard Product Features

  • Standard: To BS 3958-4 and BS 5422.
  • Fire rating: Non-combustible, rated as Class O to the Building Regulations.
  • Water resistance: Water repellent – when used externally, insulation should be protected with a waterproof covering.
  • Density: Nominal density not less than 120 kg/m³.
  • Thermal conductivity: 50°C mean temperature: 0.037 W/mK.

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